Travel Catch up – Indonesia

Soooo since I’ve failed to post since I got back from my abroad travels, that means I never got to finish up writing about my Southeast Asia travels. Even though its been so long I still want to do this quick post because what else am I gonna do with these pictures?! I want them to be enjoyed by somebody’s eyes other than my own! Also, I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now and don’t mind reminiscing a little bit…


As I mentioned in my last travel post, the next step of my Asian adventures was to visit the Pura Lempuyang Temple. Before that we had been staying in/exploring around Ubud which I fell IN LOVE with. Ubud is such a special place. I think it has a really amazing mix of traditional customs and culture, with a modern day twist. There, rustic temples and traditional Balinese cuisine mixed with trendy-healthy cafes and high quality bath and body shops. Anyways I’m getting off track but in my opinion Ubud should be on everyone’s bucket list.

To get to Pura Lempuyang we took the ricketiest, sketchiest metal van across to the Eastern side of Bali. It was actually an incredibly beautiful drive so the type of vehicle we were in didn’t really matter to me. We passed by lush sprawling rice fields and drove through numerous small villages that were usually bustling with life and labor.

We finally arrived at the base of Pura Lempuyang and began our ascent up to the top of the Temple of 1000 Steps. Also when I say 1000 steps its really 1700 steps supposedly, and its ALL directly uphill. Not only that but it is required to wear a sarong and long sleeve shirt while visiting the temple. Needless to say I was drenched in sweat after finally making it to the top but it was well worth it. The “temple” actually consisted of several small open-air temples. The most famous temple is actually the first temple you come across, and is where you can see the beautiful door in this post’s featured image.


Most tourists shy away from Pura Lempuyand because of the intense physical labour involved, which makes for a more spiritual experience if you ask me. You really feel immersed in nature, and immersed in the culture as you pass by locals carrying baskets of prayer offerings on top of their heads. I’m ashamed to say that even local old women who seemed to be around 70-80 years old were flying by me on the way up. I think that really is proof of the resilience and strength of the Indonesian people, from the time they are extremely young up until the end.


After Pura Lempuyang we headed straight for Tirta Gangga which is a water palace in the same area. It was extremely beautiful with blooming lotuses and other blossoms, fountains and stepping stones. It even had a pool to swim in (not the cleanest but still beautiful. Just had algae on the bottom).

IMG_9792  IMG_9821

Okay so I thought this post was going to be short but its actually not and I still have so much more I want to post about. Mostly about our 2 day hike up and down Mount Rinjani! I’ll just have to make a separate post.




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