Exploring Brisbane: Queen St. Farmer’s Market

Today I ventured over with some friends to explore the Jan Power’s Farmers Market that takes place every Wednesday afternoon. It’s super convenient to get to by ferry and is basically located on the street right as you are getting off the ferry stop. Usually, Queen St. is known as one of Brisbane’s largest shopping centers with a plethora of great stores and restaurants. Today it was filled with stands selling local Aussie food items such as fresh produce, Manuka honey, Macadamia nuts, authentic old-fashioned ginger beer, and fresh baked goods.

The first stall you notice is the huge produce stand that has almost everything you would normally see in a US produce stand, with a few exotic extras such as passion fruit, mini cantaloupe, papaya, chokoes, and custard apples. I almost always buy local if I have the chance, so it was great finding a place to get my produce from that was not only cheaper than at the grocery store, but locally sourced as well.

IMG_7769IMG_7773 IMG_7755IMG_7768

I treated myself to a no-bake hazelnut brownie which was delicious! The stand I bought it from had a bunch of no-bake treats such as truffles and brownies. They also had dried goji berries which are really popular here, and other dried fruits and nuts such as figs (also very popular!)

IMG_7766IMG_7759 IMG_7763


For more info on the market: http://www.janpowersfarmersmarkets.com.au/queens-st-markets-brisbane-city-markets/


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