Cherry Blossom Girl

Today I went with my boyfriend to the cherry blossom festival downtown at the Tidal Basin! I love that in DC everything seems dreary and then suddenly springs alive during cherry blossom season. The entirety of the District is covered in blooms right now and everyone is out and about and being active. We got the chance to ride on a paddleboat on the Tidal Basin and it was amazing! The entire basin is lined with blossoming trees, and in the water floated millions of petals. The whole area was completely alive, both the nature and the people. It is so inspiring and invigorating. 





I don’t want to be shy 
Can’t stand it anymore 
I just want to say ‘Hi’ 
To the one I love 
Cherry blossom girl 

I feel sick all day long 
From not being with you 
I just want to go out 
Ever night for a while 
Cherry blossom girl 


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