NY State of Mind

This morning I took a bus up to NY to spend the weekend with a friend! It is such a beautiful city and vibrant city it makes me want to stay forever. I walked around near Madison Square Garden all the way up and around Central Park and back so needless to say I’m super tired – but it was worth it! At night I walked through Times Square. I think New York just has a magic that you can’t necessarily put words to or a finger on. Only the best cities have this type of magic in my opinion; it’s what draws people to them like flies to a light.

I think that my favorite thing about New York City style is that it’s chic and bold and doesn’t say sorry. I say this because from fashionable babies to incredibly stylish grandmas and everything in between, people are dressing the way they want. People are dressing in a way that makes them feel happy as an individual, not because a certain trend tells them to do so. When I’m in cities like New York or LA I feel like I can be so much more expressive on a day-to-day basis without being judged, and I love that.

On the schedule for tomorrow: Greenwich and the MoMA!




What I wore:

Shoes from Steve Madden

Black jeans from Topshop

Blouse from Tobi

Sweater from Gap

Necklace from Nasty Gal


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