Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Inspiration



In my opinion, breakfast is always the most important meal of the day. When I eat a healthy and satisfying meal before I get going in the morning I notice that I feel the need to eat less throughout the day and am generally a happier and more lively person. I think the perfect breakfast has to consist of a few different elements. For example, if I’m having french toast I have to have fruits or berries. Or if I’m having eggs I need vegetables. A sugared grapefruit with yogurt and granola is always great too. I think my general rule is: the more colors on my plate the better it will be:)


1) Fontina Toast with Roasted Garlic & Poached Egg




2) Broiled Grapefruit with Honey & Bananas



3) Banana Almond Baked Oatmeal Cups



4)Baked Peach Almond Oatmeal



5) Egg & Avocado Breakfast Pizza



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